Tech Oddity

M’s printer ran out of several color cartridges at once, so she went out to the store. She came back with a new multifunction printer with scanning, fax, and copying functions in addition to regular (high quality) printing functions.

She bought it because she really did need a new printer.

But also because buying a new multifunction printer cost ten dollars less than buying new ink cartridges for her old printer. The new one came with cartridges included.

There’s just something not right about that…

4 thoughts on “Tech Oddity

  1. Breen

    That’s been going on for a long time. They learned that stunt in the church of King Gillette. If I had the nerve I’d get out my Dad’s old straight razor and opt out of the cycle of refills.

  2. John-Julian, OJN

    Yep! I paid $120 for a printer — and $92 to replace all the toner cartridges when they went out.

    It’s a little like genetically-modified seeds: they produce increased yield, yes, but they are hybrid, so you have to buy NEW seeds every year (instead of using seeds produced by your own harvest).

    When my old rector back in 1955 preached that working for a profit was immoral (i.e., setting up making-profit as your goal and purpose) they thought he was crazy!

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