Tech Issues

After many years of faithful service, my venerable desktop finally gave up the ghost.

Needless to say, things have been both hairy and harried around here the past few days…

Some data has been lost but less than I expected; one of the great benefits of social media and the cloud is that all sorts of good stuff is no longer saved locally.

The challenge at the current moment is figuring out how to keep doing all the things I usually do with my mobile devices. Luckily, I got a bluetooth keyboard for my phone right after Christmas. That’s what I’m tapping this out on now. My Kindle Fire is here beside me, allowing me to look things up and serve as a second monitor as I type. So, between the phone and the Fire, I’m trying to figure out the right balance of apps and methods to keep things juggled in the digital realm.

A few glitches have occurred so far. Like–I’d swear I’d put up a great post on the Stations of the Cross with all sorts of cool links and now I can’t find it anywhere on any of my devices… No clue what’s going on there.

I have just now downloaded gReader as a feed-reader so I’m completely out of the blog loop.

While I can currently access the breviary database, I’m having issues getting the right interface to edit files, particularly on my phone where I have the keyboard,  so there will be delays with breviary bug fixes until I get a replacement unit.