Tanzania Reflection

I had a comment on the whole
Tanzania thing but had pretty much
decided to pass it by… Then the ABC’s address to General Synod came yesterday. Included in it is this line in reference to the Communiqué and its
directions/instructions/commands to the Episcopal

Much here depends upon goodwill and

…and that’s precisely why it will
fail. There isn’t good will and there isn’t patience. That’s why, at the end of
the day, the Panel of Reference isn’t worth a hill of beans nor the Delegated
Episcopal Oversight process. They begin from the premise that both sides want
reconciliation and are willing to do the hard work required and that’s simply
not the case.

Pray for the

4 thoughts on “Tanzania Reflection

  1. Annie

    Unfortunately too true. I actually do believe time and patience would have worked. It was working. This time there were only seven Primates who refused to share the Communion.


  2. Anastasia

    No, i don’t think anything was “working” or it wouldn’t have turned out this way. And I agree that neither side really wants reconciliation. Each wants to impose their view on the other. Period. The only difference is that one side uses language like “damaged communion” and the other side “listening process”

  3. Derek the Ænglican

    I think Anastasia’s right… I don’t think time will change anything. I do not believe that there are two religions involved–I think both *are* Christian–but there are two very different sets of beliefs and world-views that are not going to reconcile any time in the foreseeable future.

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