Taking the Bull by the Horns

Well, now… It seems that (+)+Schori is gonna do this thing head-on: she’s
invited ++Akinola, ++Gomez, ++Nzimbi, and ++Akrofi to come chat while
they’re visiting Falls Church this November. It will be *very* interesting
to see what kind of response she gets.

This was a savvy move; we’ll see how the African/Southern Primates play

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4 thoughts on “Taking the Bull by the Horns

  1. The young fogey

    Sure, symbolically it packs a wallop but I’m not sure it really means anything.

    AFAIK all Jefferts-Schori can do, as neither the PB nor ++Cantuar is a Pope-like person who can overrule a diocesan, is (I hope) persuade the ordinaries to handle the inevitable exchange of people and properties in both directions, in and out of TEC, fairly and charitably. Legally the bishops don’t have to but they should offer to sell buildings fairly to leaving congregations (something like what happened at Christ Church, Overland Park), or congregations can comply with the letter of the secular and canon law, move out and start over. (Like St John’s, Huntingdon Valley did.)

    (And try and persuade the overseas archbishops to stop setting up shop in TEC dioceses but they probably won’t. Not nice perhaps but ‘it’s a free country’.)

    So if a conservative diocese, one of the eight I know of, quits TEC and goes under an overseas Anglican archbishop for now, the same should hold for liberal parishes (the Via Media group liberal bloggers are enamoured of) who want to remain in TEC. Buy the building or start over. Fair ’nuff.

    Even though ++Cantuar is liberalish himself, Lambeth may well decide Global South numbers outweigh American dollars and so J-S and most of TEC will find themselves non-Anglicans.

    If not, what I suggest still holds.

    (I think if a diocese leaves TEC there’s nothing the national church can do. Same principle as when a parish leaves the diocese. The court says the diocese owns the assets. So TEC would have to start over in those places if it wants to. Again fair’s fair.)

    As far as the court is concerned ‘yep, I’m gay’ or ‘holding to the faith once delivered’ aren’t excuses for stealing a building.

    Makes me see the prudence of separation of church and state.

    The liberals seem rather fond of mob rule in principle these days or ‘might makes right’ as they know they’re the whopping majority in TEC overall. In the media spotlight they get to eat their cake and have it: beat up on the conservative minority and pose as the poor victims of troglodytes.

    If those embarrassing conservatives are such inconsequential numbers why not just let them go?

    I suspect that behind all the posturing about being a global church unto themselves they fear the loss of clout if Lambeth decides for the eight conservative dioceses and against them.

    But isn’t that a petty reason to attack the conservatives? After all TEC will still have almost all of its people, property and money. (Does the average Episcopalian really care if his bishop goes to Lambeth?)

    Again, just let them go.

  2. Pisco Sours

    “Let them go”? YF, no one is keeping y’all in a church you don’t want to be in. I don’t want you or anyone to leave this church of which we’re both members, but… y’know, door’s thataway, and there are no chains or bars on it. Go with Christ, if you must go.

  3. Derek the Ænglican

    There’s plenty of posturing on both sides… My favorite response these days is to roll my eyes and to keep being the church.

    No, this meeting won’t solve a darn thing and I don’t think anyone’s naive enough to think it will. The question is how these GS primates will react to the invitation: a pastoral conversation to try and convince “Mrs.” Schori of the error of her ways and to return to the fold, a half-hearted talk over tea and biscuits, or the cold shoulder.

    How they react may be very important in terms of how the breakup proceeds.

  4. Anastasia

    or they come in and breath fire at her all prophetic like and tell her why she’s a heretic :)

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