TAC GB Accepts Pope’s Offer

As reported here by the NCR

Interesting—the Apostolic Constitution isn’t even out yet, is it?

The Philly crowd will naturally recognize the spokesman—Bishop Moyer—which makes me wonder if this is just the British crowd…

7 thoughts on “TAC GB Accepts Pope’s Offer

  1. Paul Goings

    Since when is Dr Moyer a part of TAC’s British Province? All very mysterious, but surely much more interesting than those damn Psalms…

  2. MadPriest

    I think the TAC in England is somewhat overstating their importance. In reality, they are so utterly insignificant and small in number that their announcement will have slightly less effect on our society than the Mongolian One-Legged Funeral Directors’ Barber Shop Quartet of East Grinstead announcing that they are holding a cheese and wine do in the Scout Hut next Saturday evening (all one-legged Mongolians welcome).

    I can honestly say that I have never, in 50 years, come across one of their congregations, not even in a newspaper report.

  3. The young fogey

    I know, Father: said as much in my blog yesterday. I was surprised to read they claim as many as 20 churches in the UK! I never met any Continuers in England.

    The Continuum is American and I think for the same reason the three last Anglo-Catholic former Episcopal dioceses are remaining in ACNA (trading being under liberal Protestants for being under slighly less liberal Protestants) and not accepting the Pope’s offer.

    American Anglo-Catholics often look somewhat Tridentine Roman Catholic but are non-papal in principle and believe in something called Anglicanism, different to what Central, Low and Broad Churchmen think it is but distinctive nonetheless.

    Their English cousins OTOH say they’re would-be Roman Catholics or why Roman Missal (now the new one) use is standard English AC practice but next to unknown among American ones, who are Prayer Booky (the ‘shrine’ where I’m a happy part-timer is the big exception: 1950s Roman Rite). Also Episcopal bishops enforced Prayer Book use (so ACs had the American Missal: US 1928 BCP texts fitted into the frame of the Tridentine Mass, approved by the official in charge of the American Prayer Book); I think C of E ones gave up long ago.

    I sometimes call the American AC way the ‘Masterpiece Theatre’ phenomenon after American television: historical-period dramas made in England but the reverence for which is entirely American.

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