St. Bede Psalmcast: Episode 10

The 10th episode of the St. Bede Psalmcast is now up! It’s a wide-ranging discussion of Psalm 8, the Scripture appointed for the The Feast of the Holy Trinity, that gets into a number of hot-button topics and unexpected places. If nothing else, this episode gives credence to my dictum that the psalms provide the perfect starting place to get into almost any branch of Christian theology and practice!


1 thought on “St. Bede Psalmcast: Episode 10

  1. Royce Miller

    WELL worth the wait. Thanks so much for this–so many great topics. I learn a lot, without your podcast making me feel stupid for not knowing about the difference between the ontological and the economic Trinity. But now I do! Great piece on inclusive language as well. Definitely bill your book about this as a great resource for adult education.

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