St Augustine’s Prayer Book Update

One of the reasons posting is light at the moment is because I’m finally reading through page proofs from the revised edition of the Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book! We’re hoping to have the proofing all finished by the end of the month, and printing to follow shortly from the good folks at Forward Movement!!

2 thoughts on “St Augustine’s Prayer Book Update

  1. rick allen

    [Please forgive a comment not related to the post…but I didn’t know whether you knew that Universalis now provides not only the English Liturgia Horarum, but the Latin. It’s a little cumbersome…you have to go to the bottom of the page that comes up and click on a Latin/English button. But it might be of interest to your readers who enjoy Latin, and, since it comes up in a parallel column with the English it’s easy for those of us whose Latin is less than great. Just in case you wanted to update your side link.]

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