Some Semblance of Sanity?

Things may be returning to the usual amount of crazy and email may start getting answered soon with the completion of this weekend…

Liturgically this is the season of Advent but practically, for our household, it’s also Nutcracker season. With two young ballerinas in the house and extra rehearsals every weekend starting back in October, it’s absorbed quite a lot of our time. And, since I was already committed to being at all the Party Scene rehearsals as Lil’ G was in it this year, I volunteered to dance as one of the Party Scene dads when word went out that another guy was needed.

So—between two Nutcracker performances this weekend, the in-laws visiting, Christmas pageant rehearsal at M’s church for the girls, and a subdeacon training session at my church, it’s been an exhausting span of days!

Now that the Nutcracker is over, there’s no more ballet 3 times a week (complete with 30 minute commute each way!) until January. At this point, my priorities are:

  1. Get the St Augustine’s Prayer Book editing finished up
  2. Triage on major breviary glitches
  3. SCLM work largely on the theological underpinnings of HWHM
  4. Answering back email
  5. Posting (which will likely be around SAPB or HWHM material)
  6. Cleaning up breviary typos and minor errors

Of course, all of this is tertiary behind family duties and work duties… Thus, if I haven’t responded to your email yet, please be patient with me!

3 thoughts on “Some Semblance of Sanity?

  1. Vicki McGrath

    Derek, take several deep, cleansing Advent breaths. Being a parent and spouse is such hard work, for all its joy. All those other things will still be there when you get to them. Peace.

  2. Stephanie Curtis

    Brings back memories! Those commutes to dance class. Car pools. Nutcracker and all the parent volunteering that goes with it. We also had two ballerinas. They are both young women now. One has a thriving career doing something with business analytics, don’t ask me what exactly! The other one majored in dance in college and is now enjoying a career in musical theater. Even though all those dance classes and performances made life sheer chaos at times, not to mention the drain on the budget, I think the confidence and grace that they both possess today came, in part, from that training. And, we met a lot of great people and had a lot of fun along the way too.

  3. Sean+

    Take your time; go slowly and sanely; and just completely put out of your mind all of us who are eagerly awaiting the new St. Augustine’s Prayer Book. Don’t even think about us. Hey, I get to learn patience and charitableness.

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