So Long and Thanks for All the Bagels

Today’s my last day working in NYC. No more daily 7.5 hour commute!! I’ve got a lot of dissertation time and reading time in but have really missed my family. It sucked but it had to be done–but now it’s over.

Packing will now be shifting into high gear and we’ll be running like madmen all over the eastern seaboard for a while. Naturally, this means that blogging will be substantially lighter (especially once the computer gets packed up…). Things should pick up once I’m firmly ensconced in the Southlands.

So, if I’m not around…it’s not you–it’s me. Thoughts and prayers are appreciated and in that vein, here’s one of my favorite of the Old English charms, the Journey Charm (h/t Northvegr):

I circle myself with this rod trust to God’s grace,
Against the sore stitch, against the sore bite,
Against the grim dread,
Against the great horror that is hateful to all,
And all evil that enters this land.
A victory charm I sing, a victory rod I bear,
Victory of words, victory of works. May they assist me;
So no lake hinder me, nor loathed foe oppress me,
Nor my life be fraught with fear,
But keep me hale, Almighty, Son and Holy Ghost,
Worthy Lord of all wonder,
So I have heard, heaven’s creator.
Abraham and Isaac
And such men, Moses and Jacob,
And David and Joseph,
And Eve and Anna and Elizabeth,
Sarah and also Mary, mother of Christ,
And also the brothers, Peter and Paul,
And also thousands of your angels,
I call on to defend me against all foes.
May they guide me and guard me and safeguard my path,
Maintain me entirely and administer me,
Directing my works; may the host of holy ones
Be the hope of glory, the hand over head,
The host of triumphant, true-hearted angels.
I bid them all, in blithe mood,
That Matthew be my helmet; Mark my byrnie,
Light, life’s strength, Luke my sword,
Sharp and sheer-edged; John my shield,
Gloriously adorned, angel of the track-way.
I fare forth; I shall meet friends,
All glory of angels, the lore of the good.
I pray now to the God of victory, for God’s mercy,
For a good passage, a peaceful and light
Wind from these shores. Of storms I have heard
That wake swirling waters. Always secure
Against all foes. May I meet with friends,
So I may dwell in the Almighty’s peace,
Protected from the loathed one seeking my life,
Established in the majesty of angels,
And in the holy hand of heaven’s ruler,
For the span that I stay in this life.

3 thoughts on “So Long and Thanks for All the Bagels

  1. bls

    Yes: We wish you good passage, and a peaceful and light wind from these shores.

    (Really love that Journey Charm, BTW. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.)

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