Slowly it moves

Chapter 2 is up to ten pages. I’m plowing through the church year in order to talk about the lectionary. Looking back on what I’ve written, I fear I’ve said too much on the church year that may not be entirely necessary. Hmmm. It’s easier to cut than add, though, so I’ll keep plowing and cut later. I’ll post Creed II tomorrow. Meanwhile…

As a reward for diligent dissertating I took a break to play with the Gregorian Chant software. (Hat tip to bls). After not too much playing around I was able to accomplish this:

Pretty cool, eh? It’ll look better once I’ve played with it more. Unfortunately, playing seems to be the dominant way to work with it for me for now since my French dictionary is in Philly. Yes, it’s all in French. I suppose that shouldn’t be terribly surprising. The thing that took me the longest to figure out was how to get the words under the music. It’s easier than it seems–put a note on the staff and it opens up a little text box under it. That’s it for tomight. More later.

4 thoughts on “Slowly it moves

  1. bls

    Very nice! (If you need any help with the French, just post it someplace. Or if you’d rather, I’ll send you my email address?)

    Continuing the discussion from another thread, I’m so glad you go a chance to see your wife over the weekend! Did you have a great time? Go out and have a wonderful meal? And spend some nice quiet time, too?


  2. Derek the Ænglican

    Yes, we had some great food. She makes us go to all the cool NYC spots I’d never go to on our own. So we went to John’s Pizza in the Village. Great stuff but we both agreed that ours is a little better. ;-) We had some nice quiet time and we had some nice loud time…my wife likes to go dancing so we hit a cool club Saturday night! All in all a great weekend.

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