SBB: Handheld Devices

Ok—two thing on mobile devices:

  • The new design setup does not, I believe, function on mobile devices. However, I just made a modification to the style sheets that should (in theory) work. Someone who has one of these, please check it out and leave a comment. (M’s crackberry is with her in Philly…)
  • I have looked into what sort of development would need to be done for an iPhone app. Apparently, the development suite used for such things only runs on Macs—and I don’t have one. Too, the materials I read suggest that trying to develop for the iPhone without actually having one might…complicate…matters. Which makes sense. If, therefore, anyone with the skills, interest, and equipment would like to take a shot at this, be my guest.

2 thoughts on “SBB: Handheld Devices

  1. Caelius Spinator

    A non-mobile device problem:

    The new design doesn’t arrow scroll with Safari or Firefox.

  2. Sam Keyes

    So I haven’t tried SBB for a while (normally I use my office book or am in the church), but this morning at the airport I found myself breviary-less and thought I’d try SBB rather than resort to iBreviary (in principle I don’t mind the Roman office, but I live in an ecclesial world where one does not call God “you”). I’m not sure when the above-referenced update happened, but as of today, the formatting was great for Safari on the iphone. With a simple zoom, the text fit perfectly on the screen. I will probably use it again this evening since I’m traveling.

    An app would be nice — I’d gladly pay for it — but I am totally lacking in the technical skills to work on it myself.

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