Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book Update

Lots of balls in the air at the moment, some with very hard deadlines…

My prayer book spirituality work for Forward Movement has a contract and a due date—October 15th. There’s quite a lot to be done on it in a short space of time. Expect to see a lot more material on this coming out soon.

The next SCLM meeting is next week. Please be praying for us then. After having floated the idea of an alternative vision for Holy Women, Holy Men at the past couple of meetings, Ruth Meyers requested a full-on draft of what such an alternative would look like. That has been completed; I’ll post it for the Commission today and hopefully post excerpts from it here tomorrow.

One of the potential  monkey-wrenches in the deadlines for both the spirituality project and the SCLM material was waiting for the page-proofs for the Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book to come back. I got the edited material back to Forward Movement in March. They’ve been doing the publisher thing with it since then. I had been given June 10th as a hopeful date for page proofs, but it looks like things are going to take a little longer; they’re still doing their editing/spell-checking/indexing/etc. So, the page-proofs won’t be out for a bit and therefore publication will likely be in the latter half of the year—but I have high hopes that it’ll be on shelves by the end of the calendar year.

So—while it didn’t impact the SCLM material, there’s a good chance it’ll arrive while I’m trying to finish up the spirituality text. We’ll see; I’ll keep you posted when I know more…

2 thoughts on “Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book Update

  1. Glen

    Hi Derek,

    I am very much looking forward to the revised St. Augustine’s Prayer Book. Quick question: is there a modern language version of the Athanasian Creed included in the text? Thanks!

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