RBOC: Moving Edition

  • I’ve been away for a while. I’m not quite back yet, but at least hooked up.
  • We’ve been caught in a protracted move. We’re finally in the new place but haven’t settled (so it’s not fully ours yet) and are nowhere near settled (we’re still stuck in a morass of boxes and misplaced furniture—and I still have another two storage units to finish emptying out…)
  • Blogging and most everything else will be light until things have settled out.
  • I’ve been having thoughts about the blog, blogging, and next steps which I’ll share as they become more firm in my head.
  • One change that is coming will be a shift of effort over to the St Bede’s Breviary blog. Based on the last update, much that’s over there is out of date, so I’ll be mostly deleting it and restarting. Once it restarts, however, it may be getting more material there than over here—for a time at least.
  • Too, I’ve got two presentations to get ready for in November, and I have no doubt there’ll be a certain amount of spill-over from thinking about those things into the blog.
  • So—I’ll still alive, I just won’t be around much for a while…

2 thoughts on “RBOC: Moving Edition

  1. Gene Pagano

    Once you are settled in, can you please let us know in a new post? I have a few suggestions for St. Bede’s Breviary, but none that can’t wait until you and your family are settled in.

    Please accept my thanks for all the work you do.

  2. Derek Olsen

    I’m settled-ish. That is, most of the boxes are in and many unpacked but I haven’t ordered & assembled the books or put a formal office together yet. Nonetheless, some work on the breviary is going forward but it’s the decidedly un-sexy work of optimizing the database calls and trying to reduce load times with an eye to decrease the incidence of the “maximum execution time” problem.

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