A Blessed Feast of the Purification of the BVM to you all…

It’s an In-Between Day.

Morning Set List

Kyoto Song (Cure)

Garden of Arcane Delights (Delerium)

Strange Day (Cure)

Battle of Evermore (Zeppelin)

Watching Me Fall (Cure)

World in My Eyes (Cure cover of Depeche Mode)

Lithium (Evanescence)


Here’s something red—because M told me this morning it’s women’s heart health awareness day (or something like that). Everybody—check your hearts…

I’m digging the poetry carnival bls is hosting. I’ve got a couple rolling around and this should prod me to finish them. One uses a fairly rigid and complicated French form. I think it has a limited range of expression but can be quite cool if done right for expressions that fall within that set. We’ll see…