Updated: Ok, Anastasia, I put the link up.

  • For those with an interest in Catholic liturgy, check out the Royal Proclamation on the new English liturgy by poet/musician/translator/traditional Catholic King Alfred.
  • More unconfirmed–but publically printed–rumors suggest that ++York indicated satisfaction with B033 but a conservative bishop told him to stow it… (see the fourth paragraph)
  • ++Akinola has indeed posted a response to GC06. I find interesting this portion: “We have observed the commitment shown by your church to the full participation of people in same gender sexual relationships in civic life, church life and leadership. We have noted the many affirmations of this throughout the Convention. As you know, our Churches cannot reconcile this with the teaching on marriage set out in the Holy Scriptures and repeatedly affirmed throughout the Anglican Communion.” Is the reference to civil matters solely directed towards us?–or to England as well?
  • I’ve posted my carnival text. If for whatever reason you’d like to play but would prefer not to post your text on your blog, send it to me and I’ll be happy to post it here for you.
  • As an add-on to a thought expressed in bls’s exposition on tone 2 and sad occasions, check out the chart about halfway down the page here where it lists Guido of Arezzo and Adam of Fulda’s explanations of the emotion of each of the modes.
  • Oh yeah–I forgot to point to Texanglican’s helpful clarification of Bishop Iker’s statement. Happily, this is not rumor and comes from the bishop himself.

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