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I had my first class today. I only got through half the stuff I planned to cover but that’s ok since I budgeted time at the beginning of next class for spill-over. It was great; I had fun–I think they had fun. The test is how many come back for the next class session… :-D

St. Francis today. Yay, Francis! M is big for him–I’ll still take Benedict anyday…

Cool liturgical mp3’s at bls’s place.

Speaking of music–let’s see: drugs, depression, failing/ed relationships, driving guitar work, religious overtones…sounds like some goth rock to me! M got me the new Evanescence album. Which got left at work due to meetings all day and no chance to go back to the office before heading home. I may give a quick review of it later–so far I like it.

9 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. LutherPunk

    Homer: Who is most overated saint ever.

    Bart, Lisa, Marge, answering in unison and very perturbed: Francis.

    We are blessing the critters this weekend. Nothing like paw prints on my alb.

  2. Lee

    Let me get this straight – the guy who went all beer snob on me for liking cheap brew has just admitted to owning an album by Evanescence? We all have our vices, I guess. ;)

  3. Annie

    Let me get this straight ….
    somebody has disparaged my favorite saint? Overated? Paw prints on your alb?

    It is too bad we don’t remember St. Francis for more than his relationship with animals. Rather interesting fellow, really. I have a personal goal to be more like him.

  4. LutherPunk

    Oh no, I didn’t disparage him (much)…The Simpsons did…or something like that. ;-)

    When I first initiated the blessing services four years ago, people thought I was crazy. But it has become a nice little event. I, of course, will wear my old alb so that the paw prints don’t bother me.

  5. James Day

    I don’t know… people who try to follow the way of St. Francis are pretty cool. Fransciscan Friars are pretty wierd though. I don’t know anything about Anglican Franciscan Friars but the Heads of the Orders beat each other worst than Anglicans do. We argue about different things and try and ignore the issue. They argue about how poor you should be. I don’t mean to generalize but there is a reason why the OFM and the capuchins don’t get along.

  6. Derek the Ænglican

    M prefers Francis’s take on possessions more than the animals thing–that doesn’t get entirely missed, Annie.

    Lee, yeah, I’ll admit to actually owning both. C’mon–it’s not like I’m admitting to owning Jars of Clay or something… :-D

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