Random Stuff

  • I’m really slammed with stuff right now—I’ll not be posting or commenting much for a bit.  I’ll be back before too long, though.
  • I saw the moving from a crib to a big bed that Marshall+ posted in the comments below. I’m not convinced and I’ll tell you why… As far as I’m concerned, a “wrote-down prayer” (as we call ’em down here) ought to be what I’m thinking and feeling, but just more eloquent and with more depth. My crib to big bed transition prayer at 2 in the morning was, “Father in Heaven, please make this darn baby sleep instead of playing, giggling, or roaming around the upstairs. Amen.” And to my eyes, certain elements of that were, well, missing from the suggested prayer below.
  • I was struck the other evening that Ps 59 would make an awesome voice-over at the start of a vampire-slaying movie. I blame it on verse 2…

4 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. Mother Laura

    Well, his line “Give her blessed rest wherever she lays her head” could be considered a highly tactful, though less vivid, version of yours….

  2. Marshall Scott

    LOL! Well, Brother, I do well remember praying, quickly and briefly, “Dear God! Whose are these big eyes staring into mine here in the middle of the night?!?”

    I grant you, prepared prayers are not often a substitute for heart-felt ejaculations. On the other hand, perhaps some practice of compline would make them sleepy. It works for me….

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