Random Bullets

  • Started the new job; it’s keeping me busy.
  • Had dinner tonight with the amazing Dr. Nokes.
  • Baking cookies fill our kitchen with more to come.
  • I’ve been having a number of thoughts on the place of bishops and on conciliarism that I haven’t had time to write about recently.
  • Enjoy those O antiphons! bls is keeping us on top of them

2 thoughts on “Random Bullets

  1. Joe Rawls

    Derek–Thanks a lot for your piece on the O Antiphons that ran on the Cafe. I’m familiar with them from having used Howard Galley’s The Prayer Book Office (now sadly out of print) for many years now. The only problem is remembering to start them on the right day!

  2. John-Julian, OJN

    About the fourth one: just put bishops back in the parishes where they used to (and properly) belong……

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