Radio Silence: K’zoo Edition

I’ve not written a lot in past days; I’ve been staring down some serious deadlines at work (which I met) and I’m now trying to finish off my K’zoo presentation. M is coming too and it should be fun, but it’ll be a whirlwind trip. Between financial and baby-sitting concerns, we’ll be driving out Wednesday, I’ll present on Thursday, then we’ll drive back on Friday.  It won’t give us much hanging out time, but hopefully I still get to see a few folks and ratchet up my covetousness to new heights in the splendor of the book room…

If you’re going to be there on Thursday, stop by and heckle me.

Some of the academically and liturgically inclined readers—especially those in the Northeast—might find this of interest: the call for papers from this year’s Patristic, Medieval and Renaissance Studies conference at Villanova. Note this bit:

The PMR committee this year makes a special invitation to scholars from all disciplines in these fields to address our plenary theme : Ora et Labora. Pray and Work.

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