3 thoughts on “Quick Programming Notes

  1. Wade Rockett

    Re: the Quick Reference sheet on the Office – oh my gosh, you mean people were actually using that?? We had no idea!

    I’ll upload it again as soon as I get a chance, and let you know when it’s back up. Sorry about that.

    (Funny – I found this post because I was debating whether or not to keep the Technorati “Blogs that link here” icon on the front page. I clicked it, and it led me here. So I guess it IS pretty valuable!)

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    Of course people were using it…

    Please do put it back up; and with your permission, I’ll borrow your format to do a similar one for a more traditional Rite I as well…

  3. Wade Rockett


    The document is back online at http://www.redeemer-kenmore.org/resources/officequickref.pdf

    Sorry for the inconvenience. And Fr. John says that it’s absolutely fine for you to borrow the format! (Truthfully, he’s not 100% sure where we got it. The assistant rector/webmaster who originally uploaded the guide moved on quite a while ago. He may have created it, or gotten it from someone else.)

    If you have any trouble accessing the guide, or if you need anything else that used to be there but isn’t, please drop me a line at webmaster@ our domain.


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