Preferences Issues

It appears that some people are having issues with the new preferences at the breviary—others aren’t…

Obviously, this is my least favorite kind of error as it’s difficult to diagnose and replicate! I have put in some fixes this morning that may take care of the problem(s), but as I’m not experiencing them it’s hard to say if they’re fully fixed or not.

First, having javascript enabled for the site will remove a whole possible class of issues.

Second, if you are having an issue, telling me that there’s an issue is helpful, but even more helpful is including the url that’s breaking and what browser you’re using. Without this data, there’s nothing I can do to troubleshoot the problem.

2 thoughts on “Preferences Issues

  1. Derek Olsen

    Thank you! Hmmm. Yes, this is an odd one. The problem here is the 13th number. Your url has a “0” there but, according to the script, it should either be a 1 (always), 2 (penitential days) or a 3 (never). 0 technically isn’t even an option…

    Out of curiosity, what did you select for confession in the evening? It looks like it’s currently set at 1 (always)–is that selection correct?

    Jah, domo yo!

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