Pre-orders for the New Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book

I just heard back from Scott Gunn that the final bits are mostly in place on the new revision of the Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book. After a brief delay, it’s scheduled to go to the printer before they leave for Christmas. 

The pre-order page is now up on the Forward Movement site! 

David Cobb, who I’m lucky to consider a mentor and a friend, did a great job with this volume; my chief role (as I’ve said before) was simply to gild the lily. It won’t be too long now before we have the printed texts…

5 thoughts on “Pre-orders for the New Saint Augustine’s Prayer Book

  1. Barbara (bls)

    Congratulations! That’s really fantastic. (Love the idea of “Stations of the Resurrection,” BTW – never seen that before.)

    P.S. ebook version in the works for some later date?

  2. Matthew the Wayfarer

    Why another version? There is already the original and the revised edition. What’s this one – a modernist,lowest common denominator 1979 BCP version?

  3. Derek Olsen

    Not to my mind—it’s an update with some material in traditional language, some in modern language. In some places, some penitential themes have been toned down, but there’s still quite a bit of good penitential material. If anything, I’d say we’ve done more to tweak the “sweetness” level—in a downward direction. It now has less of the syrupy sentimentality that appears in a certain kind of catholic devotion.

  4. stephenpaulvictor

    I preordered this way back in October 2013, and it still hasn’t arrived. The Forward Movement site still says the book is “Available for Preorder.” Any word on when it will be available? Many thanks!

  5. Derek Olsen

    I know that a big part of the delay is the physical preparation of the book. It is going to have ribbons in it everything which, although quite nice, takes quite a bit longer to process. I’ll check again to see where they are on that.

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