Post from the North. Sort Of…

I’ve lived in at least two places (Minnesota and the South) That proclaimed themselves to be “God’s Country”. That may be…but now I’m in Mary’s land.

Regrettably, we’re not all moved–I have to go back down this weekend and move more stuff. It seems that when truck rental places speak of a certain size vehicle handling a 3-4 bedroom house, they don’t anticipate some 65 boxes of nothing but books…

5 thoughts on “Post from the North. Sort Of…

  1. bls

    It must be fate. Mary’s Land is just exactly the place I can picture you best, matter of fact….

    (Sent you an email about the other Mary location; check it out, if you haven’t already!)

  2. Christopher

    I know that one. I hope you don’t have three flights of stairs like we did in our last move. Box after heavy box of books. I got the lecture about buying more. I think we’ve now doubled the number of books thanks to freebies at the sem.

  3. John-Julian, OJN

    Well, it won’t be long before all the books will be on light weight CDs — which won’t be nearly as much fun to read, but will help a lot in moving!

    Hope you’ve been able to straddle the miles and at least get one solid foot down in Mary’s Land.

    Moving, urgh! We call it the “M” word!

  4. Chris

    Wow, you folks put even me to shame! I think we packed up about 15 boxes of books for storage before we left this summer.

    I meant to see if you guys were up for dinner or something before we leave the area, but I’m actually doing two trips up and down the East coast myself in the next few days. But we’ll definitely have to get together next time we’re up here visiting!

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