Podcast Bleg

As M is responsible for Christian Ed at the parish and I think I’m being roped into some sort of official position, I’ve been thinking recently about podcasts. We don’t get a whole lot of participation from adults in our education programs, and one factor is weekday travel; quite a number of our parishioners do heavy-duty international travel and aren’t consistently available.

I’m thinking of starting a bimonthly Bible study of the Psalms. It’d be modular—one psalm a week so there’s a natural beginning and end—and people could drop in as they could.  But if I could podcast it… Even the international travelers could have the option of following along if they can’t physically be there.

So—what can y’all tell me about podcasting and churches? What’s the best way to make it accessible—post it at the church’s site or do an iTunes thing, or what?

1 thought on “Podcast Bleg

  1. Michelle

    I can’t say I really have any experience with podcasting but it seems to me that you can set up a feed so that once people subscribe they automatically get it when they plug in their ipod/mp3 player. PBS does this with their radio shows. You could set it up on one of your two blogs so they can help drive traffic to both.

    Somewhere the rest of us can subscribe to would be nice.

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