Pentecost RBOC Update

  • Activity around the house is gearing down and preparing for summer mode; ballet and track are over for the girls. That means less shuttling them around—for now in any case…
  • Projects are heating up.
  • My next section on the Prayer Book Spirituality Project is in progress but isn’t near completion. I’d hoped to already have it done before now but other things keep interfering.
  • That having been said, I did lead an Adult Ed forum Sunday on the material that will form the basis of the “Spirituality of the Eucharist” chapter. I got rave reviews on it! And realized I needed at least another chapter in addition to that one to fit in everything I needed to say to scratch the surface on just the spirituality bit…
  • Coding work for another project with Forward Movement is well underway.
  • I need to do a bunch more work on the saints for HWHM before the end of June. Thus, it’ll have to get off the ground fairly soon.
  • Page proofs for the St Augustine’s Prayer Book should be arriving in early to mid-June for review before printing.
  • I need to solve a persistent preferences issue with the breviary. I’ve decided that this has to get done by the end of the week. Just not sure when it’ll get fit in.