New Preferences at the Breviary

The new preferences page and underlying code has been rolled out at the breviary.

There have been a few additions and some cosmetic changes, but most of the changes have occurred under the hood.

As always, I’ve tested it as well as I can, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some errors still slipped through. If you find any, I’m sure you’ll let me know…

The other substantive change is a new option in Morning Prayer that will allow you to substitute the Great Litany in for the ending of the Office with a click (or restore the usual with a click if you decide against it).

22 thoughts on “New Preferences at the Breviary

  1. George Hayhoe

    Opening Sentences and Marian Antiphons (MP and Compline) don’t appear when I set the preference for them in OS X 10.8.5 and iOS 7. Also, some Preferences don’t “stick” when I go back to check them.

  2. Derek Olsen

    Thanks, George! The Marian Antiphon problem is fixed. I can’t replicate the Opening Sentence error, though. If you could, it would help to have the “cookie value” string from the end of the url. That’ll help me see where the disconnect is occurring.

  3. Derek Olsen

    That’s odd. The value is correct for the Morning Opening Sentence, and it appears when I go to this url in Chrome and in Safari. I’m not sure what’s causing this…

  4. Diane Amison-Loring

    The whole thing doesn’t work anymore…
    I updated my preferences, and the breviary went away. Help!

  5. frbill37

    Diane and I used Forward for EP, then tried Bede again and it is connecting now, apparently with out preferences pretty much intact. Thanks.

  6. Derek Olsen

    “With” or “without” preferences?

    By “pretty much” does that mean that there are some still missing? If so, which ones? I’ve been checking on three devices and across four different browsers and everything is functioning normally as far as I can tell. It’s more likely that issues would show up in the mobile space, so do let me know if you’re using the mobile rather than the standard desktop version.

  7. Scooter in Japan

    Greetings. Have used and appreciated your breviary for a few months. Thank you for your work on it. Some of the new settings don’t stick for me–at least when I load the preferences page, my preferences are not highlighted. If I save them without resetting them, the word “undefined” shows up in the alert. Then, when I return to the breviary page to load it again, I get the message that preferences have changed. Please advise. Thank you.

  8. Beth M

    So deeply appreciative of having the Breviary I hesitate even to say this minor issue, but my husband and I use it on two different Android. mobile phones. Everything in the new preferences works perfectly for us except we cannot make the confession “not here” option stick in MP. We both get a confession no matter how many times we enter “not here.”. Perhaps it’s the Spirit trying to tell us something.

  9. Scooter in Japan

    I am experiencing the same. Also, I believe I’m seeing the set collect and the weekday collect, though I’ve chosen to see the weekday collect. I’m using Safari in iOS 7.

    I had been using the browser in my Kindle Touch. It was working until the new preferences rolled out. Now the settings don’t stick. Would prefer to use it again, if possible.


  10. Derek Olsen

    I will try and get to these as soon as I can; I’m also fighting a very near book deadline and that must take precedence. It seems like the new preferences do need an overhaul–if these continue, I may need to simply take the breviary down until I have enough time to fix the issues properly.

  11. Scooter in Japan

    Hi! Hope your book is coming along, if not already submitted.

    I’ve discovered that the save preferences button doesn’t work on iPhone 5 but does on iPad (2), both using iOS 7.

  12. billydinpvd

    Not a huge problem, but thought I’d let you know the Marian anthem isn’t showing up for me. I’m on Safari 7 on a Mac with OSX 10.9.

  13. Geoff

    I’m afraid to bring it up in case I’m missing something blindingly obvious, but I’ve just bought a new blackberry and it doesn’t seem to want to let me set my preferences. I tried both the mobile and the regular site. I’m able to click on one of the “table d’hote” house options, but I prefer to mix Coverdale and NRSV.

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