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I often complain that people don’t take the tradition seriously, but—as has often been observed—the transmission of the tradition can be a little haphazard. Many people who go against it aren’t necessarily rejecting the tradition; often they simply don’t know it.

So, I’m offering a brief primer on some significant dates that get in touch with key parts of the Anglican tradition. I began here with 587 BC but will only go up through 1549. Any farther than that and we’d start getting into Anglican factional politics. Time for that another day! After all, another series later isn’t entirely out of the question…

6 thoughts on “New Post at the Cafe

  1. bls

    What a great idea! It’s just as you say: often people simply don’t know these things.

    And once they do, they might really start to value them. Thanks for doing this….

  2. Michelle

    I read it this morning…very nice. I particularly liked the psalm 137 part.

    So how do you like this new avatar thing in wordpress? It seems to have some glitches.

  3. bls

    I agree; a very good article.

    I’m really liking my avatar, BTW! It looks like we get assigned a permanent one, eh? (Or, at least, as long as we don’t deliete cookies?)


  4. Caelius Spinator

    It was a very nice article, but I’m just curious if I have an avatar on wordpress now. I just set one up on gravatar.

  5. Michelle

    Gravatar is need the solution to changing your avatar. I hope this new avatar thingy will push people to go to gravatar and set up something a little more to their liking. As a blogger I’m not sure I like my comments section looking like a poorly designed crazy quilt. A few are fine but then two or three clashing ones line up…

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