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  1. Nurse Rached

    Derek, I am so glad you are ok. I know of one military fatality (in recent years) from a spider bite. They can be dangerous critters. I liked your post on the Cafe about the spirituality of mortality. I was present when my mother was cremated at the funeral home (observing her body being placed into the retort). And, of course, I saw her cremains… dust. This was about a month before Ash Wednesday a few years ago. This experience (although not a brush with my personal mortality) really had a powerful impact on me when I presented myself for the liturgical imposition of ashes. Again, I am so glad you are well.

  2. Luiz Coelho

    Hello Derek.

    I’ve read your post at the Episcopal Cafe a couple minutes ago… Thank God you are well and alive.

    I’ve just started contributing to it and it is nice to know that somebody else in Atlanta is also contributing to the Cafe.

    Blessings in Christ.

  3. Christopher


    This is precisely what I have always understood Lent to be about:
    “Perhaps keeping death daily before my eyes is not an exercise in morbidity but a reminder that everyday I have the opportunity to choose love over pettiness, strife, and selfishness.” This is what I understand to be death to self, which isn’t always quite the same thing as how others would use it.

    Thank you for putting it so well, and know you’re still in our prayers.

    It’s a good thing to be loved.

  4. Alice MacArthur


    Prayers for your continuing recovery. I’m also navigating over from the Cafe to wish you well. I appreciate your cogent commentaries there and hope that you will be around to share your insights with us for a long,long time.

    I find that contemplating my death is a way of getting at the fact that I am really grounded in Eternity and am not bound by this particular body at this particular time. Still it is natural and a powerful instinct to want to continue as this body!

    Peace and Love


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