New Orleans

I can’t say anything more that has not already been said; others have covered events far better than I am capable of doing. Nevertheless, here’s a link and a prayer:

O God, whose fatherly care reacheth to the uttermost parts of the earth: We humbly beseech thee graciously to behold and bless those whom we love, now absent from us. Defend them from all dangers of soul and body; and grant that both they and we, drawing nearer to thee, may be bound together by thy love in the communion of thy Holy Spirit, and in the fellowship of thy saints; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

2 thoughts on “New Orleans

  1. LutherPunk

    Last night our Eucharist service was shifted entirely to pray for devastation. I am waiting to hear back from LDR for deployment info to godown.

  2. Annie

    Hey, Derek!
    Emily, Katrina Relief our ring-mistress, has challenged all to join blogging Episcopalians and for each new member between now and the 15th, she will contribute $5.00. I was even considering meeting her challenge as I could donate in the immediate future and again after the 15th.

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