Liturgical Look Forward, Year 2, Easter 7

New Much Shorter Liturgical Look Forward

In this week’s on-going YouTube experiment, I went with a drastically shorter format. Rather than a 25 minute video like last week’s, this one is just 5 minutes, 17 seconds. It’s brief, to the point, and took a lot less time for me to write, shoot, and edit! (Leaving more time for other activities…)

Let me know what you think…

4 thoughts on “New Much Shorter Liturgical Look Forward

  1. Peter De Franco, OSB

    Shorter format helps fora quick overview. Can something about 10 minutes work, a sort of via media.

  2. Phillip Maiden

    Thank you very much for this, it is useful to have an orientation to the readings and how they fit in to the larger liturgical picture. I thought the previous versions were too long. Too long for me to count on you churning them out every week for very long, and really more of an explanation than the brief orientation I wanted. That being said , you seemed a little rushed in this one. I think the sweet spot may be around 10 minutes. Thanks again, for this and for St. Bede’s Breviary.

    BTW, when is the next book coming out?

  3. Peter De Franco, OSB

    Wonderful format. I hope that you will continue this preview. It is being shared with others on the web through the Companions of St. Luke Facebook page and email to the community.

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