New Daily Office Page

I have a new experimental Daily Office page up here.

What’s new and different about this is that it lives entirely inside of a WordPress plugin that I’ve been developing…

I’m still seeing some minor formatting issues that I’m mopping up, but on the whole, I’m pretty pleased with it!

Stay tuned for more on this shortly…

6 thoughts on “New Daily Office Page

  1. Ellen Brauza

    Since the new and different Daily Office Page enshrines your own preferences, and give the rest of us no choice at all, what is the point? Unless that will change, I’ll stick with the old one.

  2. Peter Viscarola

    Rite I? Not my preference.

    The formatting looks pretty reasonable, though,

    The ability to “roll your own daily office, your own way” on the old site was glorious. Not only does it let you set your own preferences, it lets you experiment with other settings to see how you like them.

    I like the Marian additions here…

  3. Derek A. Olsen Post author

    The old site isn’t going away (although I hope to revisit it and clean some things up this summer); this serves a different purpose… If a given parish has a particular style or wants to pray in common, this plugin will enable them to set those options. Most of the old options still exist in this option and can be customized by the site owner. There’s an admin setting page in the WordPress dashboard where everything can be configured.

  4. Richard Proctor

    I’d like to add this to our church website. Can you email me to walk me through it?

  5. Derek A. Olsen Post author

    It’s not ready *quite* yet, but is in the final stages. I’ll email you!

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