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I’ve got a new post up at the Cafe–but regualrs here have already seen the meat of it. It’s a lightly edited version of the piece below on imminence, transcendence, and the place of guitars in worship.

Unfortunately, after reading over the copy again, I now have “Gather Us In” stuck in my head…

5 thoughts on “New Cafe Post

  1. bls

    Good article. I’m especially gratified for your statement that there should be a fight over this. Yes, there should be.

    I get mighty tired of the (unstated) assumption that those of us who get lit by transcendence should just roll over and play dead to make room for the New and Mandated Immanence, as declared by the PTB in Ascendancy (ascendant for now, anyway).

    No, we shouldn’t. We are talking about something important, and the endless sneering because the PTB imagine that we’re arguing this because “We’ve always done it that way” is really, really getting on my nerves these days. Why can’t these Boomers (and others) handle sincerely-held differences-of-opinion on this matter?

    Well, don’t get me started; I could rant all day about this, as you know….

  2. Luiz Coelho

    Hi Derek! I loved your piece.

    I read you are not in Atlanta anymore. Is that temporary or Md is your new home? Anyway, my prayers that you’ll find a spiritual home very soon.

  3. Donald Schell


    Are there other comments here? Have you all wondered or talked about whether holding immanence and transcendence as opposites is part of what generates privileged claims for ‘relevance’?

    donald schell

  4. bls

    Donald Schell, we’ve been hearing for the past however-many-years that we all need to stand around in a circle at the Eucharist because God “isn’t out there.”

    So it wasn’t us who decided to make this argument, I’m afraid.

    And there is another thread below, as Derek mentions right in his post; I’m confused why you ask about “other comments,” since there are almost 30 on that thread.

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