New All Saints Sisters Update

Officially approved to be released today is that ten sisters and the chaplain will indeed be received into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church next Thursday, September 3rd. The timeline for the chaplain’s ordination into the Roman priesthood is still on the fuzzy side due to communication between various groups, but is looking good.

I’m sorry to see them go, but certainly wish them all good things in their new church home!

6 thoughts on “New All Saints Sisters Update

  1. Robb (LP)

    Derek – what’s going to be there liturgical status? Will they be Anglican Use or expected to conform to some other liturgical standard?

  2. Hoosierpalian

    According to the Catholic Review’s online article of August 27, 2009, ten priests of the Archdiocese are learning to celebrate the Anglican Use Mass. Does that seem like a lot of priests, or would these just be the ones most interested in celebrating Mass for the All Saints Sisters?

  3. Derek the Ænglican

    Hmm—actually that *does* seem like a lot of priests…

    Although, this is the “Baltimore” of the Baltimore Declaration. (What the link doesn’t tell you is that it was a profoundly anglo-catholic statement—though you might have guessed it from the lead author.) I wonder how many former Anglicans are now Roman Catholic clergy here? I’ll have to check around on this one…

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