5 thoughts on “MSM Morons…

  1. Gracious Light

    Yea, it seems like papers feel more and more pressure from blogs and the internet to out-scoop those media sources. It means the 2-source standards that used to rule news reporting is ignored with more and more frequency.

    But I wouldn’t leave it to geographical variation.

    Its not like the NY Times or Post, Washington Post or Times, Boston Herald, Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times or like papers has never made an error. Write a letter to editor. Send an email into the vent, or something

    But to throw around the south is full of ignorant boobs that don’t know St. Peter from St. Paul (much less their !@# from a hole in the ground) is a bit much.

    Besides, I think that once you’ve spent almost half your adult life here, you’s one of us’ins. Time to buy ur pik-up truk, eat sum fryd chiken, luv yur momma, and say ma’am to anyone more than 30 minutes older than you.

    If the south is light years behind the rest of the US let us not forget that it got sent back to the stone age because of Reconstruction. We had a little bit of imposed catching up to do.

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    Hmmm–touch a nerve there, buddy?

    Actually, I intended the South comment as a concession to a newsroom full of Baptists…

  3. Gracious Light

    You know how many times I’ve tried to get a forged birth certificate so that I don’t have to say I’m from Alabama, hehe.

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