LP Hangs It Up

Well, my good friend LutherPunk has decided to call it quits on the blog–or at least that blog. I understand the feeling–though it’s not something I’m in the mood to do right now…

I do hope he starts up again, and I’d vote for the version that includes discussion of modern homesteading and brewing beer.

And btw Mr. Protestant, if you feel the need to start disposing of your books of Romish doctrine and liturgy I know a bookshelf where they’ll feel right at home… :-D

2 thoughts on “LP Hangs It Up

  1. bls

    LP, we hardly knew ye.

    (I’d have posted that over there, but he’s turned comments off. Well, we’ll hope he’ll revamp and ramp up again later….)

  2. Christopher

    I’m sorry to see him go. I think an expanded blog would be great.

    LP, if you’re reading, homesteading is a live option. Alaska still has land available for cheap. The season is short, but excellent. I had a great garden there. And with global warming, things are likely to be milder. As for homebrewing, interesting, but I think I’d get a murderous look for even suggesting the idea. It’s bad enough when I bring up the idea of a farm, so I don’t want to press my luck.

    I recommend not purging. I’ve done that twice. First from Pentecostal to Rome, and then from Rome to Anglican. The first time, I didn’t lose much. The second round I stupidly rid myself of much I’ve since had to repurchase.

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