Life Update

  • I now have a defense date for my dissertation: October 22nd. The end is in sight.
  • I’ve started a new tai chi class. While the teacher at the Y under whom I’ve been studying for about a year is quite good, the class itself was a little frustrating in that few of the other students trained out of class. As a result, the teacher spent most of his time correcting elementary form mistakes rather than moving us into deeper levels. Too, it was all form work and thus the standard wave-your-hands-around stereotype of tai chi. The new class is taught by a push-hands champ and is all martial technique. In three classes I haven’t seen a form yet but have thrown and been thrown all over the mat. I’m quite satisfied; it complements the form training quite well.
  • The place where I’ve been working as a contractor has hired me full-time. This comes with a raise, benefits, and a title (I’m a vp now!). Yay, health insurance!!

9 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. Toni

    Congrats on the date. And yay for health insurance!

    Wow, the Tai Chi class sounds amazing. Instructors who can teach Tai Chi as a martial art are few and far between; this is the part of Tai Chi that most interests me.

  2. Vicki McGrath

    Good for you, Derek – on all fronts. I’ve started some qi gong myself; went to a workshop for singers and then continued with a DVD. Not the same as a class, but it works!

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