Lent will be more simple this year. I often try to do to much and with baby-feeding in full swing major food changes are unwise. So–we’re being more intentional about doing the Offices, especially together. I, like lp, am also revisiting the Rule and reading it over yet again. In connection with that, I’ll be trying to cultivate humility. It’s a virtue that needs some work… It’s not even so much needed in interpersonal relationships but in how I choose to spend my time and energy–selfishly and pridefully or in service and assistance.

5 thoughts on “Lencten

  1. Annie

    Please do share any tips you may have on the virtue, as I find it the most important of all and the hardest to bear by the stubbornly proud, such as myself.

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    The reason I mention it in connection with the Rule is because RB 5-7 focuses on Benedict’s *theory* of humility through a set of graded steps (though he starts with one form in 5 then begins it anew in 7…) and his list of *practices* of humility in RB 4. So–I’m taking those as my starting point and hope to see what comes of it.

  3. Annie

    Hmmm … is my memory that bad?! Ah …’ll just go dig up the book.

    I joined my friends in an effort to walk a mile a day, and Cathy set up a blog for us at 40 miles in 40 days. I hope I got that right! I think it is a great idea to do something like this with others.

  4. LutherPunk

    Look on the bright side. Tending to a baby will enable you to be awake to pray the night hours!

  5. Derek the Ænglican

    Actually, when G was little the only that that would put her to sleep was walking the floors and singing so I used to sing a lot of my favorite hymns. As I was reviewing them mentally, the other day I realized that most of them use the ‘A’ word. Time to memorize some new ones for Lenten use…

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