Lee on Christian Formation

From Lee–the rest is here.

Consequently, mainline churches need to be much more intentional about Christian formation. Incidentally, I don’t see this as meaning that the mainline should become more “conservative.” Rather that they should become more Christian.

No question. And, by the way, the way to address a rise of fundamentalistic tendencies in one’s denomination is not to stop reading the Bible…rather you must read far more of it. The Daily Office is certainly a good start.

1 thought on “Lee on Christian Formation

  1. Christopher

    I think the call to become more Christian is a call no Christian and no church can avoid, though we seem pretty successful at doing just that, and not only in the oldline but in the newline.

    I notice in some of our more recent creative attempts at liturgy a loss of biblical texts, references, allusions. The Bible without liturgy has a tendency to lose connection with a Living reality. Liturgy without biblical richness is close to no liturgy at all.

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