Lectionary commentary podcasts?

For whatever reason, my wife and I were discussing lectionary-based podcasts over the weekend. Naturally, my St Bede Psalmcast is a podcast connected to the Revised Common Lectionary, but clearly isn’t an exposition of the readings in any sort of depth; I touch on the “main” readings only so far as I need to to talk about the psalm.

Here’s the question that came up when we were talking, though: what sort of podcast resources are out there for Episcopal preachers?

The only one that she listens to is the Working Preacher podcast. It has a Lutheran perspective and comes from Luther Seminary. We have a soft-spot for this one because one of the hosts, Dr. Karoline Lewis, was one of my colleagues in my PhD program (and was one of the TAs in my first New Testament course in seminary!)

What else is out there? What do you listen to—or would you listen to if it existed?

2 thoughts on “Lectionary commentary podcasts?

  1. Beth Maynard

    I’ve tried “Working Preacher” and a couple others but never warmed to any of them. Part of the trouble for me is that I begin preparing a week ahead, building the sermon over all the days of my work week, and when I last tried some lectionary podcasts they seemed not to come out till maybe Tue or Wed, too late for me.

    If I were to imagine a hypothetical podcast that I’d like to experience, some kind of marriage of a lectionary podcast and the Mockingcast would be interesting — smart, literate noting of recent articles, trends, shows, and so on that beg to be addressed theologically. The Mockingcast does this by talking through the items noted in the Mockingbird “Another Week Ends” post. My imaginary podcast would also talk through 2-3 recent cultural products, but ones that have theological implications related to an upcoming lectionary theme (in track TWO please! :) )

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