Kalendar Note: Rogationtide

Today, tomorrow and the day after are the Rogation days. If you missed it, here’s a nice post on them from the Episcopal Cafe (not by me)… The Litany is especially appropriate on these days after MP or at some other point. They also have their own collects. I didn’t see them specifically noted as I glanced at my prayerbook during the morning commute–perhaps they’re pointed out in the Priest’s Handbook rather than the BCP?

Update: Here they are…hiding right after the other collects under number 19. Thanks, Scott!

In any case, there were historically two main purposes for the day, the blessing of the crops and the final cram for the Day of Judgment (anticipated Thursday). Because of the importance of final cram day, more Old English sermons survive for these days than any other liturgical occasion–including much of the sermonic material in the Vercelli Book. Common topics were the Four Last Things (death, hell, judgment, and heaven), the Creeds, and the Lord’s Prayer. So, in that spirit, I offer this as a great opportunity to bone up on the basics again

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  1. Caelius Spinator

    I was wondering why Simon Sarmiento had me say the GL last night. Judgment Day on Thursday, eh?

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