4 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. James Day

    Not just that. We usually draw a pretty good crowd. Funny how people in other anglo-catholic parishes around the City always rag on us for not using the ’28 bcp or the Anglican missal. Attendance in their parishes are usually pretty small on major feasts. People vote their feet and would rather be in our welcoming and “ugly” “nouvos ordo” services.

  2. bls

    That’s the key, really. But you have to be patient over years, because these things are slow to build up.

    They started Compline at St. Mark’s Seattle in the 1950s, and sang to an empty nave for years. Now they get 600 people every Sunday night.

    It’s hard to see your way through that at times – the effort, I mean – but it’s worship in any case. And you get to use incense!


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