I’m Not Dead Yet…

I’m just absolutely snowed under.

Minor Notes:

  • The Shore was good but I see that once again they have ignored my advice and decided to retain the whole “sand” thing. I plan to lodge a protest with the powers-that-be.
  • It only took an absence of a week or so before the p0rn-spam comments started appearing… (now deleted, of course…)
  • As I suggested here Dr. Nokes has indeed–if only indirectly–gotten in on the Disney princess action.
  • After our latest beer-ribs-‘n’-liturgy meet-up M found Lil’ G with blue and green marker drawings all over her arms. When queried why G responded so that she could have tattoos like [LutherPunk]. She’s also recently asked when she can get body piercings and real tattoos… Since she just turned four I told her that it would be a while.

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