Illuminated Angelus Card Download

We’ve started doing public Evening Prayer at our parish. Like a lot of A-C shacks, we like to start with the Angelus but don’t have any Angelus cards around. So, with the assistance of some nice files from this art site with quite a lot of high quality public domain images, I sat down with Word and after an hour or so of fiddling came up with:

a basic Rite I angelus card

It prints off onto a standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper (I’d recommend photo paper, of course) which will then need to be trimmed to the appropriate size. I think if I spend a little more time with it, I ought to be able to come up with a two-column layout that has the Angelus on one side and the Regina Coeli on the other for Eastertide.

5 thoughts on “Illuminated Angelus Card Download

  1. Scott Cooper

    According to legend, the parish in question had to be dragged kicking and screaming by its current rector into the use of the 1979 BCP. We have acheived a nice balance: Sunday Mass is Rite II, midweek Mass is American Missal. Getting prayer cards printed in Sabon may be pressing things just a bit too far (tongue wedged firmly in cheek).

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