Ignoring you…Ignoring you…

The on-going soap opera that is the Anglican Communion continues. Shortly
after exoneration for abandonment of communion, +Schofield turns right
around draws up plans to do just that. The Archbishop of South Africa
preached a great sermon on what sums up for me being an Anglican. Catch all
this over at Simon’s (Thinking Anglicans)–I’m trying to ignore it all best
I can…

My class starts tomorrow so I have liturgical cycles on the brain. Oh–and
the 25th is the equinox in the *Julian* calendar. I doubt this needs to be
said in this company, but the church year–like all good liturgy–is not
just about what happens on Sunday; it’s a comprehenesive way of life life
entangled in the mystery of Christ. That’s what I’d rather focus on today…

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3 thoughts on “Ignoring you…Ignoring you…

  1. James Day

    They should just duke it out Death Cage style! All this talking isn’t working since they just talk past each other. I say lets get get the two groups into a ring and go for a fight to the finish. If we can’t settle this like adults, let’s settle it like men!

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