HWHM Update

At the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM) meeting yesterday, there was quite a lot of debate around the best way to proceed with HWHM. The minutes aren’t finished yet which means that I haven’t gone back through the conversation carefully. However, it was decided that we would not make any firm decisions now and are waiting to hash it out in person at our June meeting.

There was a decent amount of interest in the historical almanac idea.

Currently the plan is for Sandye and me to :

  • go back through General Convention legislation, achieve clarity on just what we can and are supposed to mess with,
  • put together a proposed list of who would be in the almanac and the Calendar,
  • identify which commemorations are in the “keep” list and which in a “questionable” list
  • present proposed guidelines (if there are any changes from the current) and the degree to which we think we should allow exceptions to the guidelines/criteria

1 thought on “HWHM Update

  1. Adam Call Roberts

    No matter what specifically comes out of these meetings, I’m very happy to know so much deep thought and research is going into the calendar. I love Holy Women, Holy Men, but it certainly could use a good scrubbing and some consistency!

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