Home Again, Home Again…

Hi y’all, I’m back from Christmas vacations to the in-laws, then a few day in Williamsburg with the family. I have a fair amount of email to be attended to, correspondence returned, changes to be made to the breviary and,—hopefully—topics commented upon here. Of course, duties at home and work compete with the online list so we’ll see how much I get to…

In particular, in this run up to the American Sarum conference, I’m hoping to do some posts to consolidate my thoughts prior to the conference. One of the gracious gifts from my in-laws was Richard Pfaff’s The Liturgy in Medieval England: A History. I’ve read through the chapters on the Sarum materials and am hoping to get something written up concerning his take on the promise and problems of Sarum. I also received a Kindle from my beloved M and, given my extremely limited computer time so far, have been wrestling with the issue of how to get my collection of liturgical PDFs converted into a format that the Kindle can read most effectively. In particular, I’m at work on the 7th edition of Blessed Percy’s Parson’s Handbook in advance of the conference.

So, I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas season and a wonderful Feast of the Holy Name!


4 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again…

  1. Michael S

    I’m jealous of your gift! I would love to read that book once the price tag comes down. ;-) I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts on this topic.

  2. MAG

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to meeting you at the upcoming American Sarum conference. Blessings in 2011.

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