Holy Women, Holy Men at the Cafe

I’ve got a new piece up at the Cafe that looks at the guiding principles of the new sanctoral supplement, Holy Women, Holy Men, in light of the old rules as passed in 1994 and subsequently included into Lesser Feasts & Fasts.

I owe a big thank you to my readers here as conversation partners and especially to some recent correspondence with a reader who brought the ’94 rules to my attention.

Some of the links didn’t get into the body of the piece; I’ll talk to Jim et al. about getting them in, but in the meantime I’ll reproduce them here as well:

The 1994 General Convention Resolution (A074a) can be found in full here.

Here are the principles of revision from Holy Women, Holy Men which begin on pg 131 of the PDF from the Blue Book

6 thoughts on “Holy Women, Holy Men at the Cafe

  1. Michelle

    Interesting piece Derek. I would love to know why Oswald of Northumbria is not on our calendar – as he is in England, Canada and Australia. Maybe the Revolutionary generation wanted to get rid of English kings but if Alfred made it, I want Oswald!

  2. Kevin Montgomery

    I might be remembering this wrong, but isn’t John Calvin now in HWHM? (I bet he’s spinning in his grave.)

  3. Elizabeth Hamrick

    Please: no Blessed Virgin Mary. Blessed Mary, yes. Virgin, no.

  4. Derek Olsen

    Ok–I’ll bite… Why should we not use the language agreed on in the ecumenical creeds and the great councils to describe the mother of our Lord as “Virgin”?

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