Happy Proper 2!

Easter has ended and we have turned the corner into Proper time… As you’ll see from the table on page 884 in the BCP, the first Propered Sunday after the upcoming Feast of the Holy Trinity will be Proper 4, but for we who pray the Office, the Propers begin today with the readings—and collect—for Proper 2.

Thanks to those who alerted me that the breviary had still been showing the collect for the Ascension; that was a manual fix that I’d neglected to correct. Apologies for that, and we’re back on track now…

Also, I’ve been catching up with some of the fixes noted in the comments—which are very helpful, please keep them coming! One attempted fix late last night hung up the data feed for this morning, but it’s restarted now.

So—lots of stuff going on, I’m projecting that the new Liturgical Look Forward will be up a little later today and a bonus video should also be appearing on the feed in the next day or two…

1 thought on “Happy Proper 2!

  1. T.W.

    Yes, I used the Proper 2 collect this morning, not without a reflection on how interesting it is that all the warmest associations with Merrie Englande were not enough to keep all hints of Whitsuntide from being strictly suppressed in the 1979 book. I’m with the program—I particularly welcome the way in which this week’s Ember Days give us a fuller means for welcoming the return of days of “special devotion” after their Fifty Days’ absence. (Some personal and transient reasons in my case—I cannot say that my spiritual and personal life cooperated fully with the calebdar’s designations of Lent and Eastertide.) But I will be singing a proper Sarum Whitsuntide antiphon with the Venite throughout this week—so much contradiction to the decision of 1979 to throw us so abruptly into Ordinary Time I can well abide. :)

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