Good News!

There would have even been a quiz last week…but I was in Philly for M’s ultrasound. It’s a healthy girl! We’re thrilled, of course, especially about the healthy part. Not that we’re not thrilled about the girl part–we are–but neither of us were surprised in any way on that one. We’d both “known” it was a girl through different means for a while; the ultrasound confirmed it.

Anastasia’s dissertation progress is sparking me to do more writing. I just *have* to get back in the groove of things. So here’s my plan–I’ll write for as long as I can tonight, then post on it. See? We get a built in shame factor going on that way… So I can’t renege on it unless I delete this post which I can’t do because it tells y’all about my newest daughter.

Upon asking my father-in-law about advice for rasing a houseful of girls, he–a more-or-less mild-mannered middle-school language teacher–replied: “Keep lots of beer on hand…” :-)

6 thoughts on “Good News!

  1. LutheranChik

    Congratulations, Derek!

    My advice (being an only child, I guess I was the houseful of girls…): Do non-girlie stuff with your girls. They will appreciate it when they get older. (Weird teenage years notwithstanding…that’s when you’ll need the beer.;-)) And statistically, girls who spend quality time with their dads demonstrate more social confidence and get better grades.

  2. Anastasia

    that’s freaking awesome. the beer part. also lutheranchik has good advice. i grew up without a father and i think i would have really appreciated having someone do non girlie stuff with me. also, don’t take it personally when they get all nutty around puberty. we really and truly can’t help it. the hormones are just so out of control.

  3. *Christopher

    Congrats! When the teen years hit, you’ll have my extra prayers. Beer is sound advice :)

  4. Derek the Ænglican

    Home-brewing is on my short-list for projects to start once we actually get established somewhere… We’ll definitely have to chat about it… Anastasia–has your husband set up a brewery yet?

  5. bls

    Yes, congratulations. Great news.

    I concur with LC; my time spent with my Dad is some of the time I remember most happily and treasure most dearly.

    Don’t know what happened, though, about the grades….

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