For the Person Searching for Goth Liturgy…

Check out the Sanctorum Mass at Church of the Apostles in Seattle if you haven’t already done so. Church of the Apostles is an Emergent experiment staffed by both ELCA Lutheran and Episcopal clergy.

I linked to this a while back and noted that I had a friend in the Seattle area who had a Skinny Puppy collection rivaling LutherPunk’s and that I’d ask him if he’d heard of it. No need to—he’s the priest who leads it… :-D

(…and yes, I’ve received several click-throughs on various days for ‘goth liturgy’ Google searches…)

4 thoughts on “For the Person Searching for Goth Liturgy…

  1. Helen

    I think there’s one in the UK, too. I have to check the gtng archives to see if I can find it.

    And right now I’m wishing I could find my interview with Ohgr.

  2. Derek the Ænglican

    Thanks, Helen! I think M pointed the English one out to me… The main difference between the Seattle one and the English one if I remember correctly is that the English one is their own composition and uses songs by goth artists as congregational hymns much like many of the U2charists do. The Seattle liturgy comes primarily from the 1662 BCP and the goth element is the overall feel and incidental music. But I could be wrong…

  3. Helen

    Interesting. I just had them pointed out to me by Dylan and Paige not too long ago when they found out I ran in that scene. Not that I have in a while; sorta retired from it when I bought a house miles away from any stompystomp.

    But locally (well, over in D.C.), there’s an ecumenical group that’s more community based than liturgy based, but…since people are clearly searching for gothy bits where crosses aren’t just an accessory…

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